Welcome to Prides Hollow

Wkellylogowithtextelcome to Prides Hollow….

….Kelly’s tiny little town about a mile and a hair past nowhere. A place where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy, they’re just about the people.

About Prides Hollow…

Hi, Kelly Swanson here. Many of you have seen me on stage, but only a few have traveled to Prides Hollow. It’s kind of this whole other thing I do. In fact, it’s how this career started in my beginning days as a professional storyteller.  In fact, it started way before that, when I was a kid. I guess because I didn’t have any friends to call my own, I created them. Because I didn’t have a sense of belonging, I invented one. Because I loved to write, I was able to bring these new friends to life. And turns out I was good at telling their stories and felt the thrill of watching my audience fall in love with them too. When I shifted from storyteller to motivational speaker, I decided it was too weird – that business people wouldn’t buy it – that it was too different. So I hid them. For years.They’re still a little mad about that. Bitsy says I didn’t give them enough credit.

But not anymore.  They were given to me for a reason, and it’s time to give them the credit they are due. So let’s start here. On this page. The place where you can come to meet the characters and hear their stories.  I love these people and I think they’re pretty fond of me too.  They are the ordinary people who are anything but ordinary. They make me laugh. They teach me. They warm my heart. They never fail to share a message I really need to hear, and a laugh on a day I really need one.

I hope you feel the same.

Welcome to my town – the place where I spend most of my time. We’re glad you came.


The Christmas Auction (excerpt from Kelly’s upcoming novel, “Miss Pinky Lee’s School of Dance”)

You are never going to believe what happened at this year’s church Christmas auction over at the First Baptist on Lexington…..

Click Here for the Written Version:  the-christmas-auction


Four Motivational Speakers and a Waitress Named Star

Remember last winter when the flights got grounded on account of the storm? While you were inside all cozy and warm, a group of people were stuck at Ray Jean’s Diner off Route 29.  Listen to what happened….

Did You Hear That Crazy Jenks Left His Wife?

Rumor has it that Crazy Jenks has left his wife again. Yep, left her on a Saturday morning before the 10 am Jeopardy. Beula May comes home from the grocery, her arms all loaded up, and sees his reclining chair. You know the one – the brown corduroy chair where the seat is molded in the shape of Crazy Jenks behind.  Only this time it was empty. All that was in it was this note that said, “I’m gone. Won’t be back. Jenks.” Well, Praise the Lord, said Beula May, and finished putting up the groceries, pulled out that bottle of sparkling apple cider she’d been saving for a special occasion, and made her an appointment to have her roots done and her corns buffed.

Apparently, Jenks had taken up with some overly painted up red-headed hussy with implants who’d come traveling through town with the carnival. Made sense it would be a stranger. Wasn’t a woman in town dumb enough to take up with Crazy Jenks. That hussy stole that man right out from under Beula May’s nose, bless her heart. And then three days later had the nerve to bring him back. Dumped him on the side of the road like he was day old trash. I guess true love couldn’t stand the test of time and back-to-back episodes of Jeopardy with Jenks sitting in his boxers clutching the remote.

Stole that man right out from under her nose and had the nerve to bring him back for a refund. Only thing is, at Beula May’s, all sales are final. That was obvious by the burned up reclining chair sitting out on the front curb. Fact that the locks were changed was a pretty good sign. Now Jenks has got him a room behind Ray Jean’s Diner ’til he can get enough money together to get his own place, or find another woman to take up with. Hard to say what’s gonna happen first.

Nester’s Spiritual Sighting

Well, it happened again, this time to my Cousin Nester who called us all up this morning to say that Jesus had appeared on the side of his garage. You’ve got to hear this….
Click to read the whole story:another-jesus-sighting

Arlis’s New Pressure Washer

Know anybody with an addiction to power tools? Then you can relate to Arlis! Come find out what happened when he got a new pressure washer!
Click here to head over to Arlis’s house on Saturday morning: arlis-and-the-pressure-washer


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