The Value in Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Is there value in hiring a motivational speaker? There is great value in hiring a motivational speaker, if you choose the right one for your audience and its issues.  Here are the reasons people hire me. To fill seats at the event.  (Audience members will go check out my website, watch my videos, and get […]

Ode To Dumb Ideas

The Down Side To Innovation Being the class clown in college, most of my best stories started with the words, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”  These words were usually a good indicator of a dumb idea that we would laugh about for years.  While this made for great college stories, in business the sting is […]

Storytelling Tips

Does the story look great on paper, but something happens when you get up to tell it? Does it just fall flat? There’s a reason. Storytelling Tips How To Tell Stories with Power and Authenticity Understand the Difference in the Written Word and the Spoken WordStories that are written to be read in a book […]

The Power of Today

For those of you who are standing in front of your own mountain, may these words bring you peace and comfort and the motivation to keep going. A Poem by Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson The Power of Today by Kelly Swanson I stand in front of this mountain, this thing I must climb this thing […]

What If…Another Rambling Message from Kelly Swanson

I had binge-watched everything I could find on Hulu and Netflix, and was down to the documentaries and shows that never got off the ground in the 80s, when I took a left turn and decided to watch Titanic again. The way I figured it, what better way to spend a Friday night than munching […]

My Day In The Joint

Yes, I spent the day in prison. I’m hardened now. Tough. Street smart. Gritty. Read all about it……   Share!

Telmate Heroes Banquet

So this picture is from the heroes banquet in Charlotte, North Carolina sponsored by Telemate out of San Francisco, California.  Telmate  is a software company that provides software for prisons. Every year they choose a select group of corrections officers and low enforcement officers to honor at an annual banquet.  This year I was honored […]

Toastmasters Michigan

My Visit to Toastmasters District 62 – Jackson, MI I’ve decided to start sharing my road trips with you, in case some of you want to know what it’s like to be a motivational speaker traveling the world making people laugh and empowering them. Last week took me to Jackson, Michigan, for the state Toastmasters […]

How To Become A Successful Motivational Speaker

There are many ways to get there, but my friend wrote a fabulous article on how to become a successful motivational speaker by looking at Broadway shows. Brilliant! I couldn’t wait to share!   Share!

How To Make Money As A Motivational Speaker

How can I make money as a motivational speaker? I get asked this question all the time. I know I would be a good speaker, but how do I make money at it? That’s not an easy question to answer, nor is there a quick answer. I’m not even sure there is one right answer. I […]