I Wrote The Worst Book EVER

What You Don’t Know About This Motivational Speaker Hello. My name is Kelly Swanson, and I have a confession.  You know me as a funny motivational speaker and story expert. Maybe you have sat in one of my audiences or coaching sessions. You have read articles about my career, my family, my travels, and my […]

Ode To Dumb Ideas

The Down Side To Innovation Being the class clown in college, most of my best stories started with the words, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”  These words were usually a good indicator of a dumb idea that we would laugh about for years.  While this made for great college stories, in business the sting is […]

The Power of Today

For those of you who are standing in front of your own mountain, may these words bring you peace and comfort and the motivation to keep going. A Poem by Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson The Power of Today by Kelly Swanson I stand in front of this mountain, this thing I must climb this thing […]

Six Steps To More Confidence in 2016

Struggling with low self-esteem? Lack of confidence? Scared to take risks? Burned out on life? Being a motivational speaker, my job is cheering people up, helping them see beyond their obstacles, and showing them how to change their lives.  And the biggest secret in changing your life is changing your inner script.  You can change […]

My Day In The Joint

Yes, I spent the day in prison. I’m hardened now. Tough. Street smart. Gritty. Read all about it……http://www.8womendream.com/66147/my-stint-in-prison   Share!

The Pink Zebra

How I Lost Myself In The Race To Be You I was tucking my son into bed after three bedtime stories, two glasses of water, a prayer that had more twists and turns than a roller coaster, another trip to the bathroom, and a last minute check in the closet for things that may go […]

National No Opinion Day

Today Is National No Opinion Day Okay, so you might not see it on your calendar yet. And maybe the US National Holiday Selection committee has yet to read my letters. But that’s not stopping me from making it official. TODAY is the day. Today I stand on my mountain of truth and announce to the world that […]

Behind The Scenes Peek At Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

  Take a look behind the scenes at a day-in-the-life of motivational speaker Kelly Swanson Share!

Time Suckers

  As a motivational speaker, author, mom, and wife, my list of things to do is always longer than the amount time I have to do it. So time management is critical for me to achieve my goals and have the quality life I want. I like to think I have a good handle on […]

If I Had A Million Dollars

My nine-year-old son asked me, “Mom, what would you do if you had a million dollars?” I immediately saw visions of more hair. And chocolate. And candles. And some more hair. And a walk-in closet where my shoes move in front of me on a conveyor belt. And more shoes. Definitely more shoes. And a […]