My Summer Camp

Ask me what I did this summer?  I went to camp! Who says summer camp is only for kids? Not me! This summer I was tickled pink to facilitate my second keynote camp – this time in DeKalb, Illinois. What an awesome time we had together. As a motivational speaker,  and a coach for speakers, […]

My Name is Kelly And I’m Addicted to Facebook

How Do You Know If You’re Addicted To Facebook? by funny motivational speaker, Kelly Swanson Yes, it’s true. I am addicted to Facebook. I’m not sure how it happened or when I crossed over. But cross over I did. If you know me, you know that moderation has never been my strong suit, and that […]

Free Stuff Downloads

Welcome to your free gift from Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson! The current free gift – only available to you with this link – is a recorded version of Kelly’s popular story/speech about Bitsy and Her Conquering Fear Idear.  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some humor, motivation, and a message that will […]