Story Crafting Camp

2018 Story Crafting Summer Camp is now accepting Registrations!


Join us for an amazing magical summer camp with Kelly Swanson, where you master the art of connection and engagement through the power of YOUR story.


Camp Instructor: Kelly Swanson

Camp Counselor: Laurie Guest


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There are no words I can use to truly describe Kelly’s Story Crafting Camp.  It changed me and my work in ways that are almost inexplicable.  You have to go thru it to understand but let me give it a try here. I came wanting to work on a few of my stories that I regularly use in keynotes, to craft a new intro for one of my talks and maybe learn a few new techniques.  I left having re written the stories so that they’re fantastic and Kelly helped me craft an intro that sucks audiences in from the first sentence.   But more importantly my thought process around story writing was completely transformed.  Now with anything I write,  I’m able to bring the audience on a journey along with me instead of simply telling them what happened.   People are connected, engaged and want more.  This is the mark of a great keynote.

The thing that’s so impressive about Kelly is that she takes the time to get to know you and your style so that her ideas and jokes for you sound like you, not her.  She comes up with mind blowing ideas for your material that you may have never seen for yourself.  So almost instantly you’ll be sounding like a 5 figure keynoter that has humor and depth around your content. During camp, you’ll learn more from watching her coach others than you ever thought possible and you’ll have plenty of freedom to write and take time for yourself when you want.  You’ll make friends that last and you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Do yourself a favor and go.  This is your chance to work with a true master.  Kelly has a command of  language that few do and it will rub off on you.  A keynote that absolutely wows your audiences is the best marketing you’ll ever do.  So when you’re serious about building your speaking business- no matter what level you’re at-  do yourself a favor and sign up now.  You’ll be glad you did.

Traci Brown