Storyteller Videos

Four Motivational Speakers And A Waitress Named Star – Story Written for Speakers – Performed at NSA Convention Foundation Dinner 2014

Crazy Man Harry

We all have difficult people in our lives, and it’s often easy to judge. Sometimes it helps to look beyond the obvious so that we can gain an understanding of life’s difficult people.


You may never know how the little things you do effect others, but Earl is the story of how a frail old woman had a lasting impact.

Daddy Played for Angels

Daddy was a simple man of few words, but I discovered the secret of what he did every evening after dinner. Here I speak for the Texas lunch ladies with concert pianist Josh Nobles accompanying me.

Woman with a Mop

I spent a day, between workshops, watching a woman with a mop make an impact on those around her. Here’s her story, and how she changed my perspective.

The Power of Stories

What’s it like being a storyteller? I give you the down-and-dirty in this video clip, along with some insights on the effect stories have on others.

The Land of If Only

Happiness is a choice. I truly believe that. Find out how one resident of If Only found happiness. PS – my palazzo pants are really cool in this video.

Starfish – a Story of Love and Redemption

Come to Prides Hollow when they decide to hold a yard sale at the Church of the Living Saints, and find a touching story buried underneath the whimsy.