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Sell the STORY

The Customer Doesn’t Care About Your Company Story

Don’t miss out on the story you should really be tapping into.

 What Story Allows Your Customer To Do

Three Critical Stories of Impact

Story is the key to connection, and there are three stories you should be telling.


Why Connection Matters To Our Bottom Line

No matter how virtual our world gets, buying is still based on emotion.


The Business of Connection

In today’s crowded market, it’s not about being heard, it’s about being trusted.


How My Attitude Cost Me Business (Attitude in Relationship to Sales)

One of the major factors that holds people (especially women) back from selling more, is their internal script.


Rewriting The Inner Script (Personal Development, Motivation)

Our success in life – the ability to set goals and reach them, dream bigger and higher – is in direct correlation to that inner script running through our heads.