Three Most Requested Programs for Funny Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson:

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?  Staying Grounded, Productive, And Purposeful in Times of Stress and Change

Four Steps To Being Happier and More Successful in Life and Business

A hilarious motivating program that takes you on Kelly’s twisted journey to a happier ever after. Learn Kelly’s Four pillars – See, Believe, Do, and Trust – that are at the core of every well-balanced successful life.  You will laugh yourself silly, be charmed by her stories, and learn the six secrets to rewriting your inner script to achieve more balance, higher confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose – laughing the whole way.  (Program customized to fit your group’s theme and learning objectives.)

You. Your Story. Make An Impact. Harness the power of  The Story Formula™  to connect, influence, and get results.

Master the Art of Connection and Engagement through the Power of Story

Improve your Power of Influence – to Sell  More, Lead Better, Form Stronger Teams, Engage Employees, Market More Effectively, and Turn Customers Into Fans. Laughing the Whole Way.
Wrapped in laughter and stories, you’ll learn the secrets that Kelly has learned from a fifteen-year career as a an award-winning storyteller, author, comedian, and motivational speaker. Kelly shares her personal journey through story, and how mastering the art form helped her sell more, lead with more impact, give better presentations, engage employees, strengthen teams, and create a successful business.  Learn her six secrets to connection – the three stories you should be telling in business – how to find stories that work – how to present stories with authenticity and power –  and the system for crafting and applying strategic stories in business.  (Content customized to fit the following areas of interest to you: Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Team Building, and Presentation Skills.)

The Prides Hollow Show.….for those who want a truly unique experience

Where Content, Comedy, and Storytelling Combine in a Magical Concert Experience….Where Business, Motivation, and Theater Meet

Follow Kelly as she takes you to Prides Hollow, her tiny little town about a mile and a hair past nowhere. This is a place where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories aren’t fancy, they’re just about the people. The people in Kelly’s town will make you laugh, make you cry, touch your heart, and challenge you to change the way you see yourself and your world.

Whether you end up at Myrlene, Vyrlene, and Shyrlene’s House of Beauty the morning Bitsy decides to conquer her fears, standing on the edge of the lake during Booker Diggs’ fishing mishap, sitting in the front row at Barnabus T. Brick’s funeral, or caught up in the mayhem of a yard-sale-gone-bad over at the First Baptist Church, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the people in Kelly’s neighborhood.  You may know some of these characters. Maybe you’re related to a few. Or perhaps you may even see yourself.  But one thing is for sure – you’ll never want to leave.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, each show is handwritten just for you, to fit your event, your group, your theme, and the struggles you face in life and in business.  When you step into Kelly’s story, you’ll quickly find that you have stepped into your own. Even as the story ends, you walk away feeling as if you have been changed – refreshed – with a new perspective.

That’s the power of story and the magic of Kelly Swanson. Don’t miss it.

Show Length 60-90 Minutes. Can be delivered as a keynote, general session, VIP event, or evening concert. Some clients chose to have the show broken up into acts and woven through the concert in vignettes. It spread the experience over the entire length of the conference, kept people excited to hear the next part of the story, and prolonged enthusiasm to keep people from ducking out early. The audience loved it.