Funny Motivational Content-Rich Programs

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?
Staying Passionate, Productive, and Peaceful during times of stress and change.

A hilarious and powerfully motivating program based on Kelly’s book Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? which focuses on busting the negative mindsets that block our path to  peace and prosperity. Kelly’s witty, sassy, take-off-the-face-and-get-real approach will make you laugh, make you feel validated, and challenge you to change the story line running through your head – for more confidence, higher self-esteem, and a faster path to the life you want. Laughing the whole way.

  • Six Steps To Rewrite Your Inner Script
  • How To Boost Confidence and Raise Your Game
  • Killing The Inner Critic
  • The Four Pillars to Reach Your Goals (See, Believe, Do, Trust)
  • How to ReFrame Your Stress
  • How to ReWrite Negative Story Lines
  • Getting Re-Engaged in the Vision
  • Finding the Strength to Lead with Power

Perfect for groups looking for something refreshingly unique, with lots of humor and motivation.

You. Your Story. Make An Impact.
Master the Art of Connection and Engagement through the Power of Strategic Storytelling

A deep dive into the art and business of strategic storytelling, as it pertains to your method of influence. Based on Kelly’s book, The Story Formula, you will walk through a proven blueprint to help you increase your level of influence and persuasion by connecting on a deeper level with those you serve.  Whether you are a sales person, a customer service rep, a leader wanting to relay a vision, HR wanting to engage employees, a financial planner wanting to speak the language of your client base, a non-profit trying to raise awareness for your cause, an executive wanting more power on the platform, or anyone who wants to get people to do what you say- then Strategic Storytelling is your greatest tool. This is your chance to learn from the master.  Kelly’s programs are high-content, high-energy, and high-laughs.  Not only does she tell you why stories work, she shows you. Learn the secrets to improve the power of your words to go from manipulating to motivating. It’s all about connection.

  • The Science of Story
  • The Importance of Connection in this New Economy
  • Six Secrets to Connect
  • Five Words to Radically Change the Customer/Patient Experience
  • The Three Stories You Should Be Telling To Connect
  • How To Craft a Compelling Strategic Story
  • How To Deliver a Compelling Story
  • Audience Hot-Seats to Get Story Feedback
  • The Anatomy of a Presentation
  • How to Engage Employees Through Story
  • Strategic Storytelling for Branding and Marketing

Perfect for groups looking for more information on Strategic Storytelling, delivered in a highly entertaining, funny, engaging way – customized to fit the group and their desired mode of influence. Groups who have hired Kelly to help them with strategic storytelling:  Financial Planners, Non-Profits, Healthcare (Leadership), Educators and Trainers, Sales People, Speakers/Toastmasters, Research and Development (Product Stories), Executives (Presentation Skills), HR (Employee Engagement), Branding/Marketing Groups, Economic Forums, Business and Association Conferences. Kelly has even helped Pastors prepare for their sermons.

For Those Want More of a SHOW and a PERFORMANCE – Ask for the CONCERT EXPERIENCE

Handwritten Masterpieces Created Just For Your Audience

Can’t get enough of Kelly’s stories?

Hearing Kelly speak is awesome, but watching her do pure storytelling as a concert, is SIMPLY MAGICAL.

Hilarious. Captivating. Deeply Moving.  Just a few of the words used to express what people feel when Kelly takes them to Prides Hollow, her magical little town about a mile and a hair past nowhere.  Whether it’s Crazy Man Harry sitting on the corner of Route 29,  Bitsy’s crazy idea at Myrlene, Vyrlene, and Shyrlene’s House of Beauty, Buster’s Fishing Mishap, Old Man Wither’s dying request, or the Beauty Pageant gone bad thanks to Wade and Bo Jr and a homemade tater gun – no matter what the story, the characters will charm you, you’ll laugh yourself silly, feel renewed by the message, and by stepping into their stories, you find yourself stepping into your own.

These shows are handwritten with care and customized to fit your event, your audience, and the message Kelly feels led to deliver.

No matter what story you get, you’ll never want to leave. Experience storytelling at its finest.  The perfect addition to an event, for the group has seen everything.

Here’s an example of a story Kelly wrote for a group of speakers at that National Speakers Convention.

Wouldn’t you like a story of your own? All you have to do is tell Kelly about your event and your group, and she’ll do the rest.