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Bring Humor, Motivation, Team Building, Leadership, and Customer Service Skills to Your Healthcare System – Wrapped in a Package They’ll Never Forget

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Fact: Over 70% of today’s workforce is disengaged. This disengagement leads to high turnover and low productivity. I can do more than just motivate your team – I can teach them how to motivate themselves long after I’m gone. I can help them connect the dots between their job description and their part in the bigger picture. I can teach them how to deal with the stress and change that is overwhelming in the healthcare industry today.

Fact: In today’s economy, it’s not your service that sets you apart – it’s the experience you create for your patients. Today’s healthcare system is challenged with treating the whole patient and addressing areas where medicine can’t reach.  Your patients already expect you to be good at what you do, and to solve their problems. If you’re not delivering remarkable care, you’re not even in the game. But today’s consumer makes buying decisions based on emotion and the EXPERIENCE they receive – every step of the way. I believe this is not just about customer service or good communication skills. I believe it’s about the ART OF CONNECTION.  I can help you understand how to connect emotionally with those you serve.

Fact: There is a battle for good talent in today’s workforce. Your ability to retain employees is in direct correlation to your ability to motivate them. People quit due to lack of job satisfaction more than anything else. It’s not about making our employees happy – it’s about making them feel valued. I teach you how to use the same ART OF CONNECTION to serve your employees that you do your patients.  In short, it’s about treating each other the same way we treat our patients.

The beauty of what I do is my ability to bring a different perspective to your industry – that of a motivational speaker. I have spent my life studying how to make audiences feel valued – how to connect – how to teach and inspire – how to make a lasting impression in a short amount of time.  And I’ve spent even longer learning how to do it in a way you’ll never forget.  Ready for something new?


Popular Program Topics:

  • Laugh Your Way To A Healthier Ever After   (Dealing with stress and change, Cultivating a Healthy Productive Attitude)
  • Finding Clarity, Purpose, and Balance in the Day to Day  (Learning how to prioritize a heavy workload)
  • Creating Remarkable Relationships with Patients (The Art of Connection)
  • Creating Remarkable Relationships with Co-Workers, Bosses, and Employees
  • Standing Up and Sticking Out In a Crowded Market (Finding a way to be heard above the noise – to make a connection in your presentations, branding, and other places where words matter.)
  • Embracing and Creating Ownership in a New Vision  (How to get employees engaged and excited in the vision and their place in it)
  • Building the Mindset of a Leader
  • Forming a Stronger Team 

Note: All of my programs are customized and written to fit your individual group’s needs and objectives. These are just topic ideas.