Funny Keynote Speaker

What Does a Funny Keynote Speaker Bring to The Table?

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funny keynote speaker Kelly Swanson has an audience laughing hystericallyThere’s an old saying in the speaking business: You don’t have to be funny unless you want to get paid.  Funny sells. Audiences love to laugh, and whenever given the choice, people like their content mixed with humor. And sometimes you can deliver the most powerful truths wrapped in humor. It’s that “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” philosophy.

If you’re a meeting planner, then you might have already seen the value of having a funny keynote speaker on the agenda, especially in general session and keynote slots. Funny energizes and is always remembered the longest.  Funny programs help the attendees relieve stress. We’ve also seen a higher turnout for events that promote a funny speaker, especially events where there is only one speaker, like women’s health events. It’s hard to fill seats and compete with busy schedules, but people love to have fun, and humor says fun. I post hundreds of articles online and in social media, but it’s the funny jokes and comments that get the most attention. People love funny and they love to share it. It’s also a great idea to use some of my funny video clips to help promote the event. That way people can check me out, see if they like the humor, and tell their friends. It can generate a good buzz. Show them the funny.

All my humor is clean and appropriate. So don’t worry about that. And sometimes I am able to customize the humor for your specific audience.  Sometimes I will even write funny audience tributes about what it’s like to be in your profession. I also love giving away gag gifts from the stage, and playing some fun games if time permits and if it fits your objectives.

Many conferences are dealing with low numbers these days. While I think there are several factors that contribute to this, I think that one reason is because audiences are getting tired of the same-old same old. I hear them talk about boring sessions.  We can’t take every topic and make it super exciting, but inject some humor and it will add energy where you need it. I’ve even had people hire me to perform short keynotes all throughout the conference, wherever humor and energy are needed. And, of course, I make a pretty good MC, especially when combined with a keynote. It just extends the fun, and lets them see me off script.

It’s hard to find women speakers who are really funny and clean. So I recommend that you check them out. Watch their videos. Read their testimonials. See what people say about them on their Facebook wall. Call their clients for referrals.

If you think a funny keynote speaker is what you need, and my humor is the right fit for your event,  then let’s chat.