Different Ways to Experience Kelly’s Coaching and Training:

Storytelling for Engagement – Online Company Group Training

Corporate/Business and Other Groups Who Want to Learn How To Craft Powerful Stories and Create Their Three Stories of Impact (Employee Story, Brand/Company Story, Customer/Patient/Patron Story).

  • Attendees share their feedback and stories on the platform to motivate learning and increase engagement.
  • Walk away with three finished stories ready to use in many platforms and for many purposes.
  • Learn a curriculum to craft more stories using the same system.
  • 18 Daily Self-Directed Videos – 3 minutes a day.
  • Videos Accessible After Course for Future Access.
  • Reports generated to document and measure growth and engagement.
  • Option to include Kelly as an inside-the-course facilitator to comment and encourage attendees as they learn.
  • Click on this link to find out more:
  • Course Price $ 99.95 each – group discounts available
  • Contact Kelly for group pricing at

Story Impact Academy – Individual Business Training

Corporate/Business and Other Individuals who want to learn How To Craft Powerful Stories and Create Their Three Stories of Impact (Employee Story, Brand/Company Story, Customer/Patient/Patron Story).

This course is for those seeking training on an individual basis. If you want a course for your whole team to take together – see the Storytelling for Engagement course listed above

  • 18 Self-Directed Videos
  • Average Video Length 20 Minutes
  • Quizzes and Homework
  • Certificate Upon Completion (Graduate of Story Impact Academy)
  • Option to Upgrade to include personal attention from Kelly throughout course
  • Videos Accessible After Course for Future Access.
  • Click on this link to find out more:

Story Crafting Summer Camp – Yearly Small Group Business Retreat

Three-Day Story Intensive facilitated by Kelly Swanson. Combination of teaching, private writing, and feedback on the script and delivery of your story.

This is great for those who really need help on delivery techniques and telling the story with authenticity and power.

  • Open to people of all industries
  • Three packed days of training and interaction.
  • Access to Kelly Swanson on a small group basis.
  • Networking with others.
  • Awesome camp setting outside Asheville, NC
  • Available in Three Packages ranging from $ 1,750 to $ 4,500
  • Monthly Payments Accepted
  • Click on this link to find out more:

Online Story Master Classes – Group Coaching Sessions

Online group story coaching with teaching woven in. Bring a five-minute story, get five minutes of feedback. 

  • Quick feedback on a story at a great price
  • Walk away with amazing changes to your story
  • Pick up a few good tips about story crafting and delivery
  • Great if you have a pitch to work on, a speech competition, a sales presentation, or any other kind of story
  • Classes scheduled all year – come to as many as you want
  • Click on this link to find out more and see listed show dates: 
  • $ 60 / class

Private Coaching

For the person who needs help on a bigger project and doesn’t have the time or desire to take a class or learn the techniques.

  • Get Kelly’s eyes on your speech or story
  • Kelly provides feedback and helps you craft your masterpiece
  • Time is structured according to your need and the best use of Kelly’s talent and time
    • Fly to NC to spend the day with Kelly
    • 9 hours
    • Free Consultation to Discuss Session Objectives and Expectations
    • Includes Two(2) Bonus One-Hour Virtual Coaching SessionsCoaching (total of 13 hours – 9 in person, 2 virtual)
      • We recommend that you have one session before the meeting, and one after to follow up
      • Price: $ 6,000
    • Sessions held by video online, hosted by Kelly using Zoom platform
    • You get recording of each session
    • You determine how long your session will be
    • Sessions scheduled based on ability and how often you want/need to meet
      • 1-Hour Block $ 300
      • 3-Hour Block $ 900
      • 10-Hour Block $ 2,700
      • 20-Hour Block $ 4,800
      • 40-Hour Block $ 7,200

Questions or Need More Details: 1-800-303-1049  or


 Testimonials for Coaching from Funny Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson:

Kevin Brown, VP of Marketing, ServPro

The first moment I saw Kelly Swanson on stage I fell in love with her humanity, her mastery of storytelling and her craft. She seamlessly goes from moment to moment and takes the audience on an extraordinary emotional journey where the learning is embedded within it. She doesn’t do any of the typical “I’m now going to tell you the learning point,” and yet the learning seeps into our hearts and head in a subtle yet powerful way. We learn through our emotions not through our intellect is the message Kelly gives me and she’s spot on.

Being in this business long enough, I knew that the easier it looked the more rigor it took, and in Kelly’s case, it was no exception.  I worked with Kelly’s method and was delighted by what I found. I worked her step-by-step system that is very easy to follow, but definitely takes a commitment to do. It really challenges you as a speaker to turn your speech from monologue to dialogue. Kelly’s system elegantly helps the speaker knit together the expert’s humanity with their professional expertise. I came away totally confident that I had found the missing link in my speech and that my keynotes will never be the same.

Lastly I want to say that Kelly loving pushes her clients and following to get to the heart of what they’re saying as speakers in order to make the most impact to the people they serve. She will push you out of your familiarity zone but in such a loving gentle way. She’s wicked brave and her system will help you be brave and connected with your audience in a way that you never dreamed possible…and ultimately isn’t that what it’s about? Lois Barth, Courage to SPARKLE, Human Development Expert, Motivational Humorist, Provocateur/Jester


Keynote Camp was incredibly beneficial. Besides being a talented speaker, Kelly is also a wonderful facilitator. Kelly has a gift for helping you focus on what will sell and what will work in a speech. She is incredibly experienced and intuitive about how to put together a story and make it authentic to you. She sees material in away that is brilliant, humorous and touching. Kelly is incredibly giving and generous. You don’t want to miss the experience of Keynote Camp, if you are serious about going to the next level in your career. Lori Klinka Speaker, Trainer, Speaking Coach NSA-IL Member of the Year Speaking and Acting Faculty, Columbia College Chicago


Kelly Swanson took what was already a money making speech for me and turned it into a standing ovation masterpiece. Kelly took my stuck ideas and my active ideas and turned them funny and connecting in a way I had only imagined. She has “it”. She gets “it” and helped me get “it” too.     There are few people who are as sweet as they are smart and Kelly is one of those people. Do not walk but RUN to Kelly Swanson to take your speaking to a whole new blow- your -mind level of success. She did it for me and I know she can do it for you. Shivan Sarna, HSN Host and Speaker 


Working with Kelly completely changed how I look, write and deliver both my keynotes and my workshops. Her ability to help me redesign my content to include powerful stories, strong points, and humor, has literally turned my work from good to memorable. And memorable gets me booked. In addition, I worked with Kelly on my presentation skills, and her talent for  teaching the art of delivery, I believe has contributed significantly to increasing my bookings and my audiences. Working with Kelly is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and one I plan on repeating – often! Meridith Elliott Powell Business Growth Expert Speaker, Author


Kelly Swanson changed my life. This is not an overstatement. As my speaking coach, Kelly helped me create a one-of-a-kind, killer keynote that truly highlights my talents as a speaker and hoopdancer while weaving in valuable content that my clients are clamoring for. She has an uncanny gift of helping people create the most emotional, powerful and HILARIOUS stories, and she is totally selfless when it comes to sharing her great ideas and constructive feedback. Thanks to Kelly, my speech is now a captivating performance that delivers standing ovations, higher fees, and more bookings. She is a delightful, open-hearted, powerhouse of a talent that knows how to make every speaker shine! I highly recommend her for speakers who want to take their programs to the stratosphere. Theresa Rose