Storytelling Tips

Does the story look great on paper, but something happens when you get up to tell it? Does it just fall flat? There’s a reason. Storytelling Tips How To Tell Stories with Power and Authenticity Understand the Difference in the Written Word and the Spoken WordStories that are written to be read in a book […]

The Second Circle of Speaking

What Actors Taught Me That Made Me a Better Keynote Speaker I taught a keynote speakers‘ boot camp recently with the amazingly brilliant Linda Larsen – a wildly popular motivational speaker with an impressive body of work in the speaking business – but an equally impressive body of work in the acting business. My focus […]

Simple Love Story Shows Storytelling’s Power To Break Through The Noise of a Crowded Market

There’s nothing I love better than a good story. Okay, maybe chocolate. No, I’m thinking I would still choose the story. I am convinced that no matter what your age, your walk of life, or your perspective on the world – if you live in America, chances are good you love a good story. It’s […]