Looking for Funny Motivational Business Speakers?

It’s one thing to find a business speaker who has the information you need. But information is pretty easily accessible these days thanks to the internet.  We’re finding that having the right information is not really the issue these days – it’s having people who are motivated to act on it.  That is why it […]

How Passionate Business Storytelling Makes a Message Unforgettable

How Long Is Your Message Remembered? In today’s crowded market filled with noise, competition, distractions, and endless flashing messages, it is getting harder and harder to have impact.  That’s why STORY is your greatest tool to stand up and stick out above the noise. But how do we write a compelling story to be used […]

Ode To Dumb Ideas

The Down Side To Innovation Being the class clown in college, most of my best stories started with the words, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”  These words were usually a good indicator of a dumb idea that we would laugh about for years.  While this made for great college stories, in business the sting is […]

How To Motivate Your Employees from a motivational speaker’s perspective

Stop telling me what to do. Tell me why it matters. To me, to you, and to the world. Stop telling me what to do. That’s data. It has not impact. It’s not emotional. It has a pushing action. And I don’t like to be pushed. You’re selling, and I don’t want to be sold. […]

Why Motivational Speakers Still Exist

Who needs a motivational speaker? Despite the fact that we are the butt of a famous Saturday Night Live skit joke.  Despite the fact that there are many among us who give the title a bad name with poor speaking skills or thinly veiled sales pitches. Despite the fact that every third speaker throws “motivational” […]

Social Media Etiquette

I wanted to write a post on what to do and what not to do on social media, specifically Facebook. But I don’t want to be the Facebook police, and who am I to dictate what people should talk about? This is a social site after all. That’s why it was created, for people to […]

Accidental Networking WORKS for Motivational Speakers

Stop Cold Calling and Networking and Start Walking Your Talk I’m sitting on a flight last night to another gig. I spoke that morning, jumped in a cab to the airport, and took three planes to get to my destination. On that third plane I sat beside a talker. Despite the fact that I secretly […]

The Pink Zebra

How I Lost Myself In The Race To Be You I was tucking my son into bed after three bedtime stories, two glasses of water, a prayer that had more twists and turns than a roller coaster, another trip to the bathroom, and a last minute check in the closet for things that may go […]

To Brag Or Not To Brag

The Subtle Art of Bragging I try not to act like I’m the Facebook police – determining what I believe is appropriate on social media, and what is not.  Who am I to say that game players are evil, or pictures of yourself prove you’re self absorbed? Who am I to say you’re sharing too […]

Time Suckers

  As a motivational speaker, author, mom, and wife, my list of things to do is always longer than the amount time I have to do it. So time management is critical for me to achieve my goals and have the quality life I want. I like to think I have a good handle on […]