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Booking Tips for Funny Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

Kelly is very focused on making this event the best it can be. She prides herself on not being a diva, and her clients’ testimonials speak to how easy she is to work with. Based on years of speaking, hundreds of performances, and seeing everything go wrong that can go wrong, Kelly has put together this quick list of tips to help make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

  • Make sure everybody in the room can see and hear Kelly at all times.   Attendees do not like it when they can’t see the speaker, or have to move constantly to see the speaker.  When speakers roam the audience, they are making the experience painful for the majority of the audience who has to constantly shift and move to see the speaker, creating many moments where they can’t see the speaker at all.
    • A raised platform makes it easier to see the speaker.  It may look like you have a clear view without a platform, but you’re probably looking at the stage from an empty room when making this decision.  When the room is filled, and all those heads are there, we find that most people only see Kelly from the neck up – if that.
    • Make sure there is lighting on the stage.  You don’t need a spotlight, but sometimes dim lighting in a ballroom can lead to the absence of lighting over the stage. Having the speaker in a dimly lit atmosphere puts strain on your audience. They don’t like to be strained.
    • Most rooms need a microphone if you have more than ten people, and the room is bigger than a conference room.  Even if the speaker can be heard, you want to be careful of people who are hard of hearing and have to strain to hear.
    • Most speakers don’t bring their own sound system and microphone, so be prepared to provide a microphone and sound system.
  • Kelly prefers a handheld microphone UNLESS she is bringing her keyboard, in which case she needs the keyboard to be amped, and needs a lavalier microphone.
  • Kelly does not use PowerPoint or any audio visual equipment unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
  • A glass of water and a stool is most helpful for Kelly to put her notes on.
  • If you want to book Kelly at a luncheon or dinner slot, please try to have her speech start after all food has been served to avoid clinking of plates and people being distracted by waiters.  Some clients will use this time to give out door prizes and hand other business they were going to save until the end.  The ideal time for Kelly to speak is when dessert has been served and people are settled in.
  • Please make sure to have a product table somewhere close to where Kelly is speaking.  The ideal spot is where people will be coming in and out of the room. Or up near the stage.

What’s the Process for Booking Kelly?

  • Holds on Kelly’s calendar do not guarantee or obligate – they simply let Kelly know you are checking on a date, so she can reach out.
  • Once a verbal agreement has been made, Kelly will turn your hold into a “confirmed” blocking anyone else from getting that date
  • At this point, you will receive a letter of agreement and a request for a 50% deposit to officially hold the date.
  • Once the deposit is received with the agreement, the date is yours and it’s official.
  • If someone else is interested in Kelly on that same date, and you have sent your deposit, she will reach out to find out the status. If the check is not received immediately, the date goes to the other party.
  • Most jobs are 50% deposit and remaining balance due at end of event.
  • If you have issues with that policy, let us know and we will try to work with you.
  • Yes, you may pay with credit card. Just let us know if that’s the case, and we will send you an online invoice that you can pay by card.

Looking for a funny motivational speaker to kick off your conference?

Kelly Swanson is the perfect fit for your group if you are looking for someone funny, someone highly motivating, with a relative message to your group, and a program different from anything you have ever seen before.


Burned Out?

Trying to do more with less?

Looking for clarity and purpose?

Want to re-engage your employees?

Need to strengthen your team?

Wish you could get your people to care again?

Want to learn how to connect to your market?

Wish you knew how to tell more compelling stories?

Then Kelly Swanson is the motivational speaker you are looking for.