About Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson


You are to the south what Garrison Keillor is to us Minnesotans. J. Wolfe

Kelly Swanson is a great choice if you are looking for:

  • Funny Motivational Speakers
  • Subject Matter Experts on the Power of Storytelling in Today’s Economy
  • Women’s Issues and Women’s Health Speakers
  • Sales Speakers with a New Perspective on Connecting and Engaging
  • Business Speakers on Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Speakers
  • Speakers Offering Something New and Different for a Conference Keynote
  • Speakers on Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Direct Sales Conferences seeking a powerful female to speak about business motivation and improving sales
  • Storytelling Skills in the Business World
  • Powerful women leaders with a interesting story to tell

Wow. That’s a lot of topics! Are you saying Kelly is an expert in all of them?


Kelly is an expert in the power of story – and how to use it as a tool in business because story raises your level of impact and influence – and that applies to every thing listed above.

Meet Funny Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

Hi, I’m Kelly Swanson… It’s nice to meet you. I’m a motivational speaker, comedian, author, storyteller, coach,and a small business owner. So, really, I wear many hats. Professional speaking is how I make my living, and it’s our family business. I’m a wife, and I’m a mom. I live in High Point, NC with my husband and son. I love my job! I’m hired (mostly) to give funny, motivating keynote speeches to (often) large audiences. In addition, I often do breakout sessions at the conferences where I speak – this is where I can go deeper into ‘my truths’ to make them real for my audiences. Sometimes I take on MC responsibilities. Shoot… I’ve been known to help with the door prizes. And — I love it all! Speaking in front of large groups sometimes leads people to the conclusion that I am famous or important. I’m awed and honored by this, and it just cracks up my husband. Truth is, I’m pretty much like everyone else.

No, I don’t just do women’s groups. While women’s groups LOVE what I do and really connect with my message, men can relate too. They just don’t get to see the boob jokes. If you want to see where I come from, and how I ended here, you can read more about my background here. But really, if you’d like to get to know me, just call (shameless call to action 800-303-1049). Chances are, I’ll answer the phone.