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Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson

Improve your Power of Influence – to Sell  More, Lead Better, Form Stronger Teams, Engage Employees, Market More Effectively, and Turn Customers Into Fans. Laughing the Whole Way.


Creator of The Story Formula™

Step into the Science of Story. TheStoryFormulaBookbyKellySwanson
Where the art of story meets the business of persuasion.

A blueprint to help you master the art of connection and engagement through the power of strategic storytelling. Award-Winning Master Storyteller, Kelly Swanson, teaches you her Story Formula™   – a proven method used by people in all industries- to help you master the art of connection and engagement through the power of strategic storytelling.Book Releases April 1, 2017.
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FeatuMotivational speaker Kelly Swanson is the author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Talered in Speaker Magazine: Power of Story

Read Article: http://snip.ly/ob75t

Author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale:
Staying Grounded and Productive in Times of  Stress and Change



Cast Member of The Fashion Hero, Reality TV Show Airing in 2017


Demo Reel – Comedy, Motivation, Content, Storytelling

See What Steve Wynn (Founder and Chairman of Wynn Resorts)  Says About Why Storytelling Matters To Your Organization http://snip.ly/tiglw


I just finished reading the second set of evaluations (week two) and just like week one, the attendees found you to be amazing and simply the highlight of the convention.  Time and time again the forms listed you or things you said as the most important take away they had from the convention.  As a speaker, one does well if they can get people to remember a few things they say.  But, if one can change a life through a message, there is no higher praise than that.  Thanks for being a part of our program.  Best wishes in all your future activities.  You have a gift!
Chairman & CEO | Auto-Owners Insurance

Thank you Kelly for a very inspirational and practical talk. You have kick started something in our organization that will make a profound difference in our culture.
Tri Tang
Carolinas Healthcare

Everyone’s got a professional development course to sell – a magic formula for success or 7 tips to mastery of the Universe – but Kelly Swanson delivers. She’s a storytelling magician with a casual, accessible style who will transform the way you think about and deliver your story, and help you connect with your audience. I’m an author, editor, and book coach who works with storytellers every day. Kelly Swanson earned my admiration in five minutes. RUN to her next master class before the world finds out and the line grows too long.
Dave Bricker
Author. Editor, Publishing Consultant www.DaveBricker.com


Funny Motivational Speaker Who Helps You Harness the Power of Story to Connect, Influence, and Get Results


  • Stressed, burned out, dealing with change? Attitude need an uplift? Need to change the inner story in your head?
  • Employees and team disconnected to the brand and the customer? Need to power up the corporate narrative?
  • Sales people stuck in a rut? Presentations need a boost? Tired of killing them with data and not connecting?
  • Wish your customer service skills were better than your competitors? Wondering if you’re focusing on the wrong thing?
  • Trying to figure out how to make people WANT to do what you want them to do – because motivating beats manipulating?
  • Looking for a way to be heard in a crowded market, when all you have is your words?
  • Need to improve your storytelling competency? Not even sure why storytelling matters to your bottom line?
  • Wish you had more impact and influence with those you serve as leaders?
  • Need to connect and engage more, instead of just communicating effectively –  to strengthen the power of your persuasion?
  • Need a true expert at story – not just to tell you it matters, but to show you HOW to do it?
  • Looking for a speaker who can do all of this AND wrap it in tons of humor and powerful stories?Then you’ve come to the right place.
  • Not only does Kelly provide an amazing experience, her content will knock you out of your seat. In a good way.
  • It all comes down to one thing -THE POWER OF STORY
  • Kelly Swanson is a true master at combining the artistry of story with the business of persuasion.

The Woman Behind The Stories

Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, author (Who Hijacked My Fairy TaleThe Land of If Only, The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, You. Your Story. Make An Impact.), storytelling coach, and creator of Prides Hollow and the wacky cast of southern characters who have charmed audiences from coast to coast for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in extensive online and print publications, and has won awards from the Film Advisory Board of Hollywood and the National Association of Parenting Publications. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines, and Our State Magazine calls her one of North Carolina’s funniest women.

And now, watch out world! Kelly Swanson is headed for TV! Kelly has been cast as a celebrity mentor for the reality TV show “The Fashion Hero” airing in 2017.  With wacky wit and more of her infamous stories, she teaches the contestants how to believe in themselves, gain confidence, and connect and engage through their story.

In addition to being a keynote speaker for over 60 events a year, she has just launched her online Story Crafting Course, an online Storytelling for Engagement Corporate Course, and she hosts a yearly Story Crafting Summer Camp where people of all industries gather to work on crafting their power story. In the little time she has left, Kelly offers private coaching to professionals and executives on how to add more power to their words so they can connect on a deeper level, whether it’s in sales, customer service, leadMotivational Speaker Kelly Swansonership, speaking, or personal development.

With wacky wit, powerful stories, compelling content, amazing heart, and a message you can take back and use on Monday, Kelly creates unforgettable, hilarious, and inspiring motivational keynote programs that help you master the art of connection and engagement through the power of story.   It starts with mastering the story line running through your head to have more peace, productivity, and prosperity – and works its way out to mastering your words and your story to connect and engage with your listener, employee,patient, customer, buyer, market, and world. It’s a business message, wrapped in lots of humor and motivation, that will help you from the inside out.

Not only does Kelly have the ability to craft a master performance for the stage, she has the ability to teach you how she does it, to help you tell your story and raise your level of influence by forming a deeper connection with your listener. Whether you sit in her audience and laugh yourself silly while you’re transported to her tiny town of Prides Hollow, attend one of her Story Crafting Camps, or take her online Story Training, you will quickly see that she is one of a kind.

I believe that our success is in direct correlation to how we impact and influence other people. And the secret to having more influence, is not in our ability to communicate, but to connect.  Master the art of connection, and you will go places you never thought possible. I know because I did. 

Kelly Swanson